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Alessandro Parisi has been an IT professional for over 20 years, acquiring significant experience as a Security Data Scientist, and as an Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity and Blockchain specialist. He has experience of operating within organizational and decisional contexts characterized by high complexity. Over the years, he has helped companies to adopt Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain DLT technologies as strategic tools in protecting sensitive corporate assets. He holds a Master Degree in Economics and Statistics.
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Reckless Machines – The Hidden Responsibilities of Self-Driving Cars

The controversial aspects of self-driving cars and the ethical implications of algorithm decisions

Why identifying alleged terrorists with Big Data is not the solution

Is the renunciation of privacy really a necessary evil to ensure the safety of citizens, or does the pervasive use of Big Data not risk turning into a boomerang?

Blockchain Fundamentals

Understanding core concepts of Blockchain by unveiling Blockchain’s technology and its mechanisms

Facial Recognition: An Effective Tool for Crime Prevention or a Threat to Citizens’ Privacy?

UK to test the use of cameras to introduce Facial Recognition as a crime prevention tool

Is the Cloud more or less Secure?

Attempt to answer a malposed question

Big Data Analytics, Beware the risk of “numerological” drift

If we torture data long enough, they will confess

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