Apparently all denounce it, hate it, but no one really seems to do without it.

We are talking about Fake News, of course.

If for many, Fake News would not represent a real novelty, as it could be assimilated to traditional “urban myths”, it is nonetheless undeniable that with the diffusion of the Internet among users, and especially of Social Media, the traditional “Hoaxes” have become actual “Fake News”, turning myths into something much worse, due to the improved capabilities of virally disseminating digital content offered by the Internet.

The Fad of Fake News

The appeal of Fake News lies in the fact that it “loyally serves” (too) many masters:

are not really willing to give up Fake News the users of Social Media, always in search of confirms to their prejudices, as they see in Fake News the ideal tool to spread, and share on massive scale with other users, their “vision of the world “;

nor are willing to give up Fake News politicians, despite their “façade” proclamations, being the opportunity to ridicule political antagonists using Fake News virality too appealing for them…

Fake News and Social Media

Likewise, are not really willing to give up Fake News the Giants of the Web and Social Media, which on content viralization have founded their multi-billionaire “Business Model”: even though viable technologies are already available to track inappropriate contents (see Google’s Content ID), in order at least to minimize their “viralization”, once these contents have been successfully detected on the Internet, the Giants of the Web they prefer to hide behind the supposed “neutrality” of the platform, rather than giving up on a slice of revenue-related profits that come from the spreading of Fake News.

Don’t be fooled by the attempts to contrast Fake News put in place recently by the likes of Facebook, Google & co: instead of admitting their true nature (that is to say, that they are “media companies” in a true sense, albeit they are run in digital form), in order not to hold their responsibilities in case of inappropriate, offensive, discriminatory content dissemination, etc., Social Media companies prefer to blame only users (who are nonetheless responsible for what they share on the Net) for Fake News spreading, rather than implementing concrete measures to counteract Fake News (unless specific rules are enforced that will force them to keep track of widespread content on their platforms, such as the law recently adopted by Germany against Fake News).

But it’s not just Fake News:

“Hate Speech”, “Public Shaming” and “Fake News” are in fact all negative “side effects” of the rhetoric of the “personalized web”, which, with the excuse to democratize access to information, has in fact allowed worst prejudices and people frustration finding an indiscriminate outbreak on the “Far Web”.

So, be warned all those Actors of the Comedy of Hypocrisy on Fake News:

sooner or later, the wicked “wind of Fake News” will come back against them, forcing them, after sowing (too much) wind, to collect as much storm…