How to protect minors from the threats on the Internet

Would you leave your child alone in the savannah at the mercy of the ferocious predators that inhabit it?

The answer from any sensible parent would most likely be definitely no.

Yet this is precisely what all too often happens when it comes to the internet and social networks!

Digital tools now seem to have replaced traditional television in their role as “electronic nanny” and many parents, unaware of the risks that their children can run, let their children use modern digital technologies, even starting from their pre-adolescent age on.

The Myth of Millennials

This happens in the erroneous belief that their children are more “digitally savvy” (or less naïve) than them, being part of the “millennial” generation.

Quite often, however, the opposite is true: despite the rising retorica, the so called millennials prove to be more at risk to the threats on the Internet.

Having been used to interacting with the virtual world from an early age, the internet ends up being their only “real” world, and not having been able to mature and structure their personality, they are more susceptible to fall prey to online predators.

Children can be plagiarized by obscure characters online who can induce them to perform even extreme acts, such as taking their lives (see the case of the role-playing “game” sadly known as “Blue Whale” or more recently the extreme “challenges” taking place on TikTok).

What behavior should parents have, then?

Parents struggling with “Digital Education”

Undoubtedly, being unfamiliar with information technology is not helpful; however, it is not necessary to be a computer scientist to realize that something is wrong with the attitudes of our children, the most important thing being to understand the underlying dynamics that characterize online activities, establishing a more correct and balanced relationship with the digital technologies, up to identifying how to introduce effective permits and prohibitions in the use of digital tools.

Searching the way out of the internet labyrinth

To achieve such a result, it is first of all necessary to know and understand the pitfalls that characterize such digital tools and gadgets.

This book therefore is aimed at offering a timely overview of the pitfalls that potentially threaten minors,when they come into contact with digital technologies online, trying to expose the threats and suggest the possible countermeasures to preserve children’s safety on the internet.

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